Thursday, 28 October 2010

His results - Fresh Orange Muffins

I was expecting a delivery the day we baked these so I didn't dare to go out get any oranges. The delivery guy was supposed to be here 3 hours before we baked but ended up arriving a day late.

Ah well. It turned out OK. I had some limes in and they worked totally fine. I used the flesh and juice and otherwise proceeded exactly as in the recipe.

They turned out OK. You really, really need to keep your eye on them though. The cooking time is way off. Mine were overdone way before the recipe said they should be. They're pretty good. The lime goes well. The texture is quite like cornbread. They work as a snack or a none too sweet desert. While these were baking I churned up some cardamon icecream I'd started the day before. I sampled a little spoonful alongside a muffin, it was a really nice pairing.

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