Tuesday, 12 October 2010

Her results - Blondies

I have a little stomach ache. No wonder. I shouldn't have eaten two of those back to back! What do you think you get when you combine:

And some butter, flour, vanilla and salt...

That's right, you get:


In my opinion, these are far from the best things we've made, but it might have been thanks to my choice of additions. I put in 1/4 c Maker's Mark bourbon whisky (I'm a Kentuckian, born and raised, and a Maker's Mark Ambassador, at that! ), 50g toasted pecans, and 50g mixed dark and milk chocolate chunks. The results are very tasty, but in my opinion it's possibly overkill. I'm curious what the blondies taste like before all the extras. Still, they're quite good. I hope it's not sexist to say that these would make a great father's day gift for a dad who loves bourbon, or a nice surprise for a boyfriend. I love bourbon and so does my very feminine female boss, but I can't shake off the masculine connotations of whisky. Is a masculine blondie a paradox?

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