Tuesday, 9 March 2010

His results - Raspberry Buttermilk Cake

If you think back to the vanilla slice you'll maybe remember that I'm fond of these old Skyline pans. I've managed to track a couple down including the pan I used for this week's effort.

I decided to line the pan bottom since she told me she'd read a few reviews of this recipe which said it tends to stick.

The batter was easy to make and very tasty raw. When I was little and used to 'help' my Mum making buns I always used to love cleaning the bowl and the beaters from the mixer. If I'm honest with this one I didn't do a very thorough job of scraping the mix into the pan just so there'd be a little extra left in there to eat while it was in the oven.

I scattered over the raspberries and sugar. It seemed like quite a bit of sugar but I went with it.

The cake took longer than stated in the oven. I had the same experience as she did where the top looked well done while the middle was still very gooey. If you're making this (and I highly recommend you do) then I'd extend the cooking time and not judge it by how done the top looks or how well it springs back since this was deceptive for me.

I wish that the raspberries had floated a little better. I think tossing them in a little flour would have helped with that. Also, if you look at the photo you'll see the sugar topping is great in the center but totally missing from the outer inch and a half or so. Very curious.

When it was finally done we tucked in. And it was great. It was very, very moist and the slight crunch of the sugar topping was excellent. Eating it the day after the flavour was perhaps even better but the crunch was gone. For that reason I'd suggest you eat it on the day it's baked. You can always make another tomorrow!

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