Wednesday, 17 March 2010

His results - Buttermilk Pie

We seem to be on a bit of a roll at the moment. We've had a few weeks in a row with really tasty results.

That's not to say its all gone smoothly. The top got a tiny bit overdone here and it sank ever so slightly in the middle. It wasn't anything to worry about though, the darkening on the top was purely cosmetic and didn't affect the flavour.

As usual I took a piece of this in to three friends at work on Monday and we sat down together at lunch for a chat and a taste of something delicious. One of them said this was their favourite of all the dishes they've tried so far. High praise indeed!

It really is very good though. I didn't have a pie dish big enough so I baked it in a slightly smaller one and reduced the recipe by a quarter. I then sliced it into eight and each piece was still too big really. Nobody struggled even the tiniest bit to fit in a whole piece though. The most suprising thing to me was just how un-sugary the finished product tasted. After seeing the crazy quantity of sugar I poured into this thing I kind of expected it to turn out incredibly sweet but some magical cooking chemistry happened and it turned out just sweet enough with a nice texture and a great taste. I advise you try this one out. I had high hopes for this pie and it didn't disappoint. (The raw batter tasted great too by the way!)

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