Tuesday, 2 March 2010

His results - Date Pudding

As I write this I have one overwhelming feeling.

Pity. Pity for her.

This pudding was suprising to me in a couple of ways. I was suprised at how moist it turned out and how much it rose while it steamed. I was also suprised at just how good it was. I mean, it's a really, really good pudding. This week I really wished me and her were together so we could have tasted each others efforts. I suppose if we had been together I almost certainly wouldn't have made this pudding this weekend.

Silver linings I suppose although it's precious little given the size of the cloud. I enjoyed making this. I'd never made a steamed pudding from scratch by myself although I have plenty of happy memories of helping out making Christmas Puddings with my Grandma. I enjoyed pretty much every stage of this, especially fashioning the lid.

To me that was the second best bit (after the eating of course).

It's beautiful and light. Not overly rich or sweet but certainly slightly decadent in its taste. To me it's a real shame that these type of puddings have fallen out of favour a little. They're making a little bit of a comeback though I believe. I'll certainly be making something along these lines pretty soon I hope.

Make it. Be careful when you wrap it. Serve it warm. Close your eyes and drift away.

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