Monday, 22 March 2010

Her results - Sesame Seed Cookies

Things went well in the kitchen today.

I wanted to make sure I toasted my sesame seeds correctly, so I found this helpful blog. The pictures I saw helped me remember that the massive bag of sesame seeds in my freezer is actually a bag of toasted sesame seeds. I read that their flavor isn't as good as that of freshly toasted seeds. Luckily I owned 30 grams of unadulterated sesame seeds, so I toasted those and then I lightly re-toasted an additional 90 grams of the pre-toasted seeds from my freezer. Both varieties tasted fine, but I can confirm that freshly toasted seeds are the most delicious. The rest of the dough making process was straightforward and only took a few minutes.

I've developed a trick for uniformly measuring cookie dough. First, I measure the right amount of dough for one cookie as prescribed by the recipe (in this case 1 tablespoon). Then I weigh that dough ball (today's weighed about 19 grams). Finally, I use my scale to measure the rest of the dough into uniform balls. That may seem like overkill, but I hate trying to measure spoonfuls of cookie dough. Here's what my cookies looked like before and after baking:

Watch out, they really spread while in the oven! While we're on the subject, I love my new cookie sheets.

I ended up with about 40 cookies, so maybe my dough balls should have been a little smaller. Having fewer slightly bigger cookies fine by me, though!

Beyond the sesame seed flavor that is prominent, the taste of the cookies is also buttery, rich and slightly salty. The cookies are an interesting balance of light and hearty. The crisp edges and the sesame seeds provide a light crunchiness while the cookie itself is soft and tender. Delicious! I read somewhere that these are popular in the Carolinas and are good paired with iced tea. I can almost guarantee that the claim is accurate, but I enjoyed mine with the Sunday New York Times and a big glass of ice water.

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