Tuesday, 23 March 2010

His results - Sesame Seed Cookies

Don't these seeds look pretty? They worked magic in these cookies. I love the taste of sesame. She was lucky on that score I guess!

I toasted them in a pan on the stove. I think I did it at a lower heat than I should have and for a longer time. They tasted just right but perhaps aren't quite as dark as they could have been. The flavour was beautiful, rich and very potent.

Like she said, the cookies were very easy to put together. I used my silicon baking mat rather than baking paper. If you look at it you'll see there's a crease from where it was folded when they posted it to me. That's a little annoying and led to the weird siamese cookie you can see in the middle row, one from the right. I wised up and put the dough away from that in the other batches.

Mine spread even more than hers I think. I split the recipe in half but still used a whole egg so it would have been a bit runnier.

I'd agree with her review of the taste. Very rich and buttery with a great, salty, sesame kick. They went down very, very well with my colleagues. They described them as a little strange, quite complex and totally delicious.

I've decided to draw up a shortlist of recipes for next week and let those same colleagues choose what we'll bake. I know it'll be something good though since it'll be my shortlist!

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