Tuesday, 23 February 2010

Her results - Broken Glass Jello

I love this dessert! I didn't have enough Jell-O in my cupboard, so I went to the store on Saturday morning and bought my four favorite colors. I planned to use sugarfree but I worried that it might not bind with the unflavored Knox gelatin, plus the sugary stuff came in better colors. I got grape (purple), mixed berries (blue), raspberry (deep pink) and lemon (yellow).

I made the four colored Jell-Os solo on Saturday morning. Later that afternoon we Skyped while slicing up the Jell-O and poring the cubes into our big dishes. I downsized to an 8"x8" dish because the larger dish that the recipe called for left me with a single layer of multi-color cubes.

The stench of Knox gelatin helps explain why you pour a can of highly caloric delicious sweetened condensed milk into it! We noticed that the colored Jell-O tends to float, which explains why you see a lot of the colored stuff of the top but less on the bottom.

We sliced up the dessert and tried it the next day. Yummy! It's tender but not too soft, and it's flavorful but subtle enough that you could use any four flavors and they'd jive just fine. At first I couldn't taste the sweetened condensed milk, but with a little focus I could detect it and I've decided it's worth the calories!

I saw that he was eating his with ice cream (which seems to be a British tradition), so I went to the store and bought some Haagen Dazs five vanilla (a variety with only five ingredients and a little less fat). Double yum! Plus I added some of the blue sprinkles that he gave me for our four-year anniversary. It's a happy looking dessert. It looks extra cute on the fun plate his sister gave me.

I am so happy that we're doing this project. It's fun to look forward to doing something together every week, and I've never made so many desserts in such little time. I can't imagine it's good for my weight, but it's good for my psyche.


  1. This looks amazing! I am such a foodie and good looking food is so appealing! :) Good job, both of you!

  2. What a great result. You both cut your blocks bigger than mine so you can really see the colors! Your project is delightful! Thanks for making this recipe and letting me know. And I apologize for the late comment... - mary the food librarian


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