Tuesday, 2 February 2010

Her results - Caramel cake

After last week's icky cupcakes, we redeemed ourselves with this delicious caramel cake. Yummmm!

Making caramel cake turned out to be easy and enjoyable. The cake is basically a traditional yellow sponge that gets half its fat from buttermilk. The caramel glaze is a great alternative to the traditional icing that I've known for years. I'm glad to add it to my repertoire.

I unknowingly glazed the bottom of my cake instead of flipping it right side up before pouring the caramel over it. I like how this caused the surface to be more flat and smooth.

My only snafu was forgetting to run a knife around the edge of the cake before turning it out onto a rack, which caused a tear along one edge of the cake. Oh well, it looks good from the other angles! This evening I shared some cake with a new friend and an even newer acquaintance, and tomorrow I'm taking the majority of it to work for a co-worker's b-day. It's nice being able to share the wealth.

I highly suggest this cake. It's rich and delicious, like tres leches for rural southerners! It's highly caloric but perfect for a splurge.

I get to pick what we bake this weekend. It's currently toss up between something remotely healthy and some good old fashioned pie. Stay tuned to see what wins out!

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