Monday, 8 February 2010

His results - Lancaster Lemon Tart

It's another cracker of a dessert! I've probably eaten my own body weight in Bakewell Tart over the years but I've never had this offshoot of the family before. The lemon goes really well with almond, making for a really pleasant whole. As always Delia's recipe is spot on. There's just the right amount of sweetness in this, enough to satisfy but it's not overpowering like last week's caramel. It's an interesting contrast to Bakewell Tart, less almondy and richer, but slightly less sweet.

We made it a two day event this week, lemon curd and pastry on saturday and the topping and putting together the day after. It was nice to spend the extra time together doing this. The lemon curd is really, really good. Mind you you can't go far wrong when it's just fat, sugar and lemon. It was a little hard to tell when to take it off the heat since you knew it'd thicken up as it cooled but luckily I got it just right

I thought I had another lemon for the topping but I didn't. I did have a bottle of lemon juice but I decided to use a lime I had sitting around instead and it worked out really well. I love the smell of lime zest and it sets the tart off really nicely. I left it in the oven for just about exactly as long as Delia said to but I had to cover it loosely with foil really early on to stop it browning up too much. If you're making it then watch out for that. Mine was pretty brown when it came time to turn down the oven and there was nearly half an hour to go after that.

I put a little extra salt into the pastry and it really gave it an extra little something. The pastry's just the right mixture of crispy and chewy and has a wonderful flavour. I'd recommend this to anyone, especially Americans interested in what an authentic British dessert recipe is like (there's obviously a huge variety of British recipes but this is a fine one).

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