Thursday, 18 February 2010

Her results - Vanilla Slice

He outdid me with his re-do of the recipe, but I'm satisfied with my tasty but not lovely outcome. We typically make a half batch of the weekly recipe, but I was feeling ambitious and thought I'd go out on Sunday evening and take this to share, so I made a full batch this time. But when the baking was done I felt ill PLUS the filling was runny, so I opted to stay home and serve myself a portion in a custard dish. It tasted so good. The next morning I was just one slice down with many to go, so I decided I'll eat it for breakfast every morning. :) Like the recipe says, it's best the first day. Days later, the flavor is still great, but the pastry has understandably lost it's flakiness.

I'd suggest making the custard outlined in the original recipe and serving it sans pastry. It's really good! Fresh vanilla bean seeds take it to the next level. One funny note: my vanilla bean (organic; that's all that was available ay my local store) was $12, and his was about $1.20. I'm pretty sure I need to move somewhere tropical, grow organic vanilla beans, and export them to American markets! One of my hobbies is organic gardening, and I've heard that the weather isn't right for trying to grow vanilla here in Houston. But the price of this bean combined with the yummy outcome makes me wonder if it's perhaps worth a try!

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