Tuesday, 2 February 2010

His results - Caramel cake

This recipe's a really good one! The cake was moist and tasty when I ate a piece still warm and it was even better the day after. It's day two now and I'm really looking forward to seeing what wonders another evening sitting there has done for it.

The cake came together pretty easily and was fun to make. It seemed a little bit more involved than it needed to be - as a batter and straight after baking it tasted identical to the easy peasy all in one sponge recipe I normally use. On the second day though there was a slight tartness from the buttermilk which worked really well against the very rich caramel.

As you can see I put it into two 7" square pans instead of the 8" pan in the recipe. It fitted perfectly and there's a bit more surface area for the caramel.

There was a minor disaster when it came to the caramel. Unpackaging my new jam / candy thermometer I discovered with my finger that the glass had broken in the package. I should have taken a photo with the shard sticking out of my fingertip because it was fairly spectacular in length and viciousness. Due to the lack of a thermometer I had to cook the caramel stuff by eye.

Not that it seemed to suffer at all. This stuff is delicious. When the cake was fresh it seemed overpoweringly sweet but that seems to have mellowed to a richer and more complex flavour in the time since. In my one concession to slight healthiness I used single cream not double to make this. It worked out really well and when I get round to making this again I'll probably try it with milk because I think it would turn out every bit as tasty.

The caramel's texture is great but in terms of ease of carrying this about for my packed lunch I'd probably have been better off either cooking it slightly less so it sank into the cake more or cooking it slightly more so it set up a bit harder. As it is it's yummily sticky which is great for the mouth but not so good for the tupperware.

I heartily recommend this cake to everyone. Make it and leave it for a day if you can - then tuck in!

I can't wait to see what we're baking next week. It's her pick!

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