Monday, 22 February 2010

His results - Broken Glass Jello

This was quite a change from the previous recipes. It's the first where we haven't had to turn on the oven.

I used sugar free jelly. There are only four flavours I can get at the local shops. Unfortunately they're not too bright and exciting in colour and the blackcurrant and raspberry ones are very similar in colour when they're diced up. On the other hand they're a nice autumnal mix that go well together I think.

The other flavours are lemon and lime and orange. I made a pint of each according to the instructions on the packet. I know she made it firmer than the instructions as the recipe apparently calls for you to.

The other stuff came together nice and easily. I'd forgotten how truly awful gelatine smells. I hadn't forgotten how good condensed milk tastes. I enjoyed scraping out the can.

This stuff is tasty! At first it seemed like you could barely taste the milk in it but the taste seems to build bite on bite and somehow seems a little stronger on the second day too. It's strange to me that American people don't eat jelly and ice cream together, they're an absolute classic at British children's birthday parties and a perfect complement to each other. I'm happy to have converted her to the cause at least! The beautiful sanding sugar is courtesy of the lady.

Next week is going to be another recipe that won't involve turning on the oven. Aside from that my lips are sealed! I'm looking forward to it.

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  1. So sorry for my late comment...but I'm sooo delighted you selected this recipe. And what great results!

    I never had Jello with ice cream (I'm made ice cream jello, though) so I'm going to bring out the ice cream next time.

    Your blog is a lot of fun! Cheers, Mary the Food Librarian


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