Tuesday, 11 May 2010

His results - St Joseph's Fig Cookies

This recipe was a little frustrating at times but ultimately deeply satisfying.

The filling was very easy to make. I didn’t have a lemon around so I used orange zest and squeezed the juice out to mix in with the sherry. The pastry was pretty simple too but even though I put in less than half of the milk it called for was pretty sticky. I had to put it in the fridge for an hour or so to harden up a little and flour everything well. Even then it wasn’t the easiest to work with and rolling it out was a little annoying.

As soon as they were onto the baking sheets it was back to being a very straight forward and easy recipe.

They took a pretty long time in the oven. I’m starting to think the thermostat might be wrong. I should get an oven thermometer and check it out I think. The slightly over damp dough wouldn’t have helped.

It was pretty pleasing to dip them into the icing and sprinkle on the glittery rainbow sugar. I’m happy to report they’re delicious! The orange zest is really, really good in them. The pastry has a little bite to it and the filling is sweet, slightly bitter from the zest and texturally interesting from the fig seeds. The sugar is both beautiful and adds an extra bite. I’d really, really recommend these. They’re easy and great to eat. Just go very, very slow when adding the liquid to the dough.

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