Thursday, 13 May 2010

Her results - St Joseph's Fig Cookies

Like him, I totally dig these cookies. I've decided that they taste like all-natural fig Pop-Tarts. I grew up eating Pop-Tarts for breakfast (don't judge!), so I should know.

The outer cookie has a nice mild pastry taste. It's neither crisp, cakey nor chewy, but it has a nice bite to it. I agree that the dough was really hard to work with. It called for 3T of liquid, and I added in just 1T at first and it was already a little sticky. I added in 1.75T in the end because I was worried that if I left it at just 1T they'd come out crumbly and dry. They came out just right in the end, but not without time in both the fridge and freezer, some frustration and well-floured hands, rolling pin and surface.

The fig center steals the show. Unlike him, I added the walnuts to mine. I'm happy I did but it's hard to discern their flavor. More than anything, the cookie tastes of sweet dried figs and there's a light note of citrus. It's sweet, fruity, and there are lots of pleasing little pops as you chew the seeds. The texture of the seeds is almost indistinguishable from the bite of the coarse sugar that coats the top of the cookie. The thin layer of icing adds a nice sweetness, and I dusted the tops generously with a mixture of opal sanding sugar, coarse blue sugar and quins the shape of stars and moons. He bought me all those. :)

I think you should make these cookies. They're the best thing we've made in weeks.

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