Thursday, 20 May 2010

Her results - Fresh Ginger Cake

I've honestly never had a cake that I enjoyed more than this cake. At least not one that I remember! But if you're trying to present it to company, try not to let the center get burnt like I did.

The cake was pleasantly simple to make. Despite the fact that I'm a fresh ingredients kind of woman, I'd never used fresh ginger. I feel thankful for this recipe because I'll be adding much more ginger to my repertoire, which should help mix things up. In addition to being new to ginger, I'd also never used molasses. I didn't even know where to find them in the grocery. Turns out the jar was on the bottom shelf of the bread aisle, near the pancake syrup. That's someplace I'd never ever look, period, so it's a good thing I asked an employee for help. I ground my own cloves, but I wasn't particularly successful because I don't have a good grinder so I also tossed in a sprinkle of the pre-ground stuff. The grinder worked better on my pepper. All in all, a very simple recipe to put together.

The bottom line is that the cake is delicious. I am now going to read Mr. Lebovitz' blog on a regular basis and I'll also be buying his book
Ready for Dessert: My Best Recipes. I'm very serious about incredible food, and following this man's work seems like a no-brainer. The cake was so light, so moist, and so flavorful. It was neither too "out there" nor was the flavor even barely common. It was awesome.

I ate a slice, shared a couple more slices with friends, had another slice for breakfast, and then took the rest to work before I could do too much damage to myself. It was delicious both with ice cream and without. The lady who finished off the cake washed the platter for me. When she handed it over to me, she asked me to explain the cake because she loved it so much. That was a few days ago, and today she asked if I'm baking again this weekend. It's nice to bring happiness to people. I just hope I don't give anyone hypertension or a heart attack! Eat this delicious stuff at your own risk, people.

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