Wednesday, 5 May 2010

Her results - Chocolate Rum 'n' Raisin Cake

I've fully enjoyed this baking and blogging project (I think this is our 44th post this year, which I find hard to believe!), but sometimes I feel like Job when I pull these desserts out of the oven. More on that later.

This cake was pretty fun and easy to make. There was nothing exceptional about the process. I failed to make it to the liquor store on time but I'm housesitting for friends so I crossed my fingers and hoped they had some rum. It turned out that cognac was the best that my friends' liquor cabinet had to offer, so I went with it. Seeing that the recipe only called for 2 tablespoons of it, I'm surprised that I can clearly taste the cognac in the finished cake. In a pinch it's a pretty good substitution for rum, but I don't think I'll ever intentionally use it again.

I have never seen such greasy cake batter! I had to take the pan outside to take a photo so you could see it in all its glory.

I only have 9" round cake pans, and that's a bit too big for this cake. I think it would have turned out nicer if it was thicker. This is not the first cake that I've said this about, so I think I'm going to have to hunt for some smaller pans. They shouldn't be hard to find for cheap.

As he mentioned, we baked our cakes for 60 minutes since the recipe called for 60-90, and the cakes were already overdone. If you cook this recipe (I don't really suggest it), check the cake after 35 minutes or so.

There's just nothing special about this cake. I'm not one to say that desserts are too rich, but this one is honestly too rich. I find it nearly overpoweringly chocolately, and the richness of the raisins, liquor and butter definitely don't help tone it down. I tried complementing it with some whipped cream, and that did nothing for it. If you want to make a rum cake, try this one instead: Bacardi Rum Cake. Yum yum! An acquaintance of mine has brought one to our Thanksgiving dinner for the past two years and I love it.

I've never mentioned this on here before, but I take all of my pictures with my iPhone. I apologize for the shortcomings of it, and I will eventually buy a new digital camera.

I'm looking forward to a new baking challenge this weekend! I hope it's something delicious. Can we bake some more Japanese cheesecake?

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