Wednesday, 2 June 2010

His results - Carrot-Zucchini Bread with Candied Ginger

It was a nice gentle day in the kitchen. I enjoyed this one. I seem to say that quite a lot but it's true. I like chopping, stirring and mixing. I also love the eating!

The batter looked lovely I thought, but she didn't agree. I like the colours and it had a nice texture. I was slightly concerned that it tasted so strongly of cinnamon because I'm not a big fan.

My oven seemed to behave itself this week which was a relief. It took about 50 minutes or so which is a little longer than I thought it might but not ridiculous.

It looks so nice in slices. I chose to chop the ginger fairly coarsely and I'm glad because it gave a lovely textural interest. It's lovely and moist and holds together exceptionally well in slices which is pleasing. It's definatley a good cake to transport for pack lunches or picnics. The flavour is mellow, slightly spicy and pretty great. The cinnamon mellowed quite a lot in the oven thankfully. It won't rock your world with its novelty but it's very, very nice and you could happily chomp your way through a fair few slices. Try to save some though because it gets better and better over a few days.

I'd recommend you make it. It's a great solid tea loaf and looks wonderful on a plate. If you have a picnic you need to prepare something for then this is a great, solid choice.

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