Friday, 4 June 2010

Her results - Carrot-Zucchini Bread with Candied Ginger

I liked this bread enough that I included it in my daily meals morning, noon and night over the first few days, cleaning out my supply quickly and making me wish I'd made two loaves.

I had hoped that the nearby grocery, Fiesta, would have candied ginger, but they didn't. They did have ginger candy. I bought a packet of it, tried it, decided it definitely was not candied ginger, and then used it anyway! It was quite gummy and hard to chop, but it looks cool! I think it's from Indonesia.

A day after we made this, I finally bought David Lebovitz' new book "Ready For Dessert" and read his recipe for candied ginger. I wish I'd seen that earlier! I'd never thought of making it. I'd also never heard of ground ginger, so I assumed the recipe was asking for grated fresh ginger. My substitutions seemed to give satisfactory results, but I wish I could have taste-tested my loaf against his.

The batter looked like something unappetizing that I won't name. Trust me, it looks better in the picture.

It baked up really nicely! I was so happy that everything went well. I think I baked the loaf for around 45 minutes (my oven runs hot).

The flecks of carrot and zucchini, and the little dots of melted ginger candy looked pretty in my slices. I'm not going to shout my love of this recipe from the rooftops, but I like it a lot and I suggest making it.

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