Friday, 18 June 2010

His results - Simple Cherry Sorbet

I think the cherries look pretty tasty in this photo but they were much more attractive in the brown paper bag I brought them home in and even better in the display at my local greeengrocer. I wish I'd taken a photo of them there so I could share it with you. This recipe is so simple, and has such a small ingredient list, that it is simply a celebration of these little gems. They deserved it too; they were totally delicious. So much so that it's a wonder there were enough left to make the sorbet...

I love this skillet. It was one of my finer purchases. I really appreciate having nice equipment to use. It makes me happy to take this, or the skyline pans that I've mentioned a few times on here, out of the cupboard. Not that the skyline pans are especially good quality, they are just pleasing to me in design and 'feel'.

So you weigh stuff out, bubble it,

freeze it,

whiz it,

and eat it.

So, so simple!

It's wonderful too. I keep taking a spoonful everytime I walk by the freezer. Personally I'd leave out the almond and keep it a pure cherry flavour but the flavours do work fantastically well obviously. I'm sure this would work out equally fantastically with a whole host of other fruits. I'm pretty excited to try it out. Pineapple? Plum? Pear? Peach? Passionfruit? Papaya? Pomegranate? That's only one letter of the alphabet and already my mind is spinning from the delicious possibilities!

We're having another weekend out of the transatlantic kitchen this weekend. Perhaps I'll use the time to experiment with some more fruits. Then again it's a while since I had cake...

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