Thursday, 30 September 2010

Her results - Rice Krispies Treats

As expected, the Rice Krispie Treats were ridiculously easy to make, satisfyingly chewy and very sweet. There's no wonder why suburban moms coast to coast make batches of these left and right, or why they always pop up at bake sales.

I kept it simple and made the original recipe. It really doesn't get much easier than melting butter and marshmallows, and then adding some cereal. The marshmallows melted quickly:

I wanted my bars to be nice and thick, so I pressed the krispie treats into an 8x8 pan instead of the larger pan mentioned in the recipe. Then I added some toppings for flair. I melted 1.5 bars of Lindt white chocolate in a double boiler and spread it over the top of the uncut bars. When that was done, I lightly pressed a third of a package of coarsely chopped Oreos into the white chocolate.

Can I call "sweet, sweet and more sweet" multi-dimensional? Because I want to claim that the toppings added a nice multi-dimensionality to the flavor. They tasted like, well, Rice Krispie treats, white chocolate and Oreos! Without the toppings, I don't think these would have been nearly as delicious. I wish I could eat one right now, but I followed the advice and made sure they were all eaten within 24 hours. They stayed nice and crispy!

I was left with half a box of Rice Krispies. I'm not a big fan of cereal, but I've been having them for breakfast with blueberries and bananas. It has been a pretty tasty way to deal with the surfeit, but I'm happy there's just one serving left.

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