Tuesday, 27 April 2010

His results - Dandelion Bread

It was a mixed weekend in terms of results really.

I had a really nice time collecting the petals for the bread. I had a nice wander over the local racecourse. You can see in the photos that they trim the grass in the middle but around the perimeter there were a bunch of lovely bright dandelions.

Since the recipe said an increase in petals would be good I decided to bump up the amount. I wasn't too sure how much I had though. Was it a cup when they're pretty packed, or a cup when they're all fluffed up? That makes a big difference. I probably ended up using around 2 cups of fluffed up petals. America really needs to wake up an embrace the gram.

I used this reasonably tasty acacia blossom honey for the bread. It was the end of the jar. I'm pretty excited about getting the replacement. I like honey a lot and try to buy something new each time.

When I'd mixed it all up the batter was very, very pretty. I was excited for it. I was sure it would turn out beautiful.

It didn't. I think the problem was too many petals. I baked it for the time stated and it was still very runny in the center. I kept going with it, putting it back in the oven for 5 minutes and checking but it took for ever and never really got done. I guess the moisture in the petals stopped it from drying properly. After an age in the oven I finally gave up on it ever being properly baked and pulled it out.

In the end it wasn't too bad though. Especially towards the ends where it was more done. It was slightly chewy, and mildy, but interestingly flavoured. I'm sure it's not how it was supposed to turn out but it was definately pretty tasty and better than I thought it was going to be as I stood around waiting for it to be ready and cut into it to see the slightly stodgy interior.

I'd say the morals here are:
1) if you increase the petals decrease the milk
2) the U.S. needs to go metric so my baking doesn't get jacked up again

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