Saturday, 3 April 2010

Her results- Japanese Cheescake

It's official, I'm a big fan of Japanese cheesecake. It is light and fluffy, tasty and easy to make. I made mine in a 9"x9" square dish and I accidentallyi ate 3"x9" on the first day. By noon the next day I had given the rest away to friends and coworkers. They seemed to like it quite a bit. This project has been fantasic, but it's dangerous for me. I rarely think of sweets unless they're staring me in the face, at which point I tend to abandon self-control! I had to fight off the urge to make a second batch this week.

On a technical note, I had to discard about 1/4 of my batter because there wasn't enough space in my dish. Two loaf pans seems to be a good way to deal with this unless you prefer to reduce the amount of batter you make in the first place. And I forgot to grease or line my pan but it thankfully caused no problems. Great recipe!

1 comment:

  1. This looks great! My pantry has so many baking pans of all sizes, that whenever I had left over batter, I always find somewhere to put it. Hehe. I'm glad you guys love the Japanese Cheesecake. I've fallen in love with it too~ :D


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