Wednesday, 18 August 2010

His results- Guinness-Gingerbread Cupcakes

It's a David Lebowitz recipe so before I even bought the ingredients I knew it would turn out fantastically!

I fancied using something other than Guinness. Something that I hadn't had before since I'd end up drinking 5/6 or so of the bottle. I chose this bottle of Brewer's Dark by Lee's. It was a good choice. Its flavour went well with the ginger and syrup and it was a pleasant task to polish off the bottle. It was the cheapest of the options I had too!

I used golden syrup and a mixture of light and dark brown sugars. I think the balance was good. I'm happy I didn't use dark molasses or all dark sugar because the taste ended up complex and deep but not too heavy.

It's an interesting way to make a cake batter. Certainly quite a long way in technique from my fall back sponge. The batter was very tasty but suprisingly thin. It was good that She was baking along so we could reassure each other. I popped them into a mixture of muffin size and bun size cases. In they went.

The cakes ended up light and pleasingly moist. They were a little clingy when you try to unwrap them but always came out in one piece easily enough. The frosting split on me just a tiny bit. It wasn't bad at all though. It tasted absolutely awesome. The bright, punchy citrus pairs incredibly well with the rich, slightly heavier cake. It's an awesome combination! I didn't have any candied peel but I cut a few strips of zest and decorated them with that and a little extra ginger. I think they're one of the prettiest things we've made. The flavour's right up there with the best too.

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