Thursday, 19 August 2010

Her results- Guinness-Gingerbread Cupcakes

I'm pretty sure that David Lebovitz would never publish an unreliable recipe. That man is my hero. With that said, I'm going to be totally honest about these cupcakes. I like them, but I don't love them. But it's all about personal taste! I'll explain.

Making the cupcakes was good. The method was slightly unusual, but I've noticed that this baking adventure has made me a lot more open to new methods. I'm far from a carefree baker, but I'm getting rid of some of my baggage!

But a major question remains: How many slightly over-baked items am I going to churn out? Thankfully He bookmarked a Serious Eats article on how to bake perfect cakes and I'm going to study it. Our weekly project is teaching me so much, and learning how to avoid over/under-baking items is the main thing that I want to take away. It shouldn't be so hard, right?

In the end, I'd say that my cupcakes turned out a pretty good. They are a little dry, but the cake is rich, spicy, and spongy. The bits of ginger have a nice kick and bite. The sweet, tart icing is a nice complement to the cake; it cuts the spice and lightens everything up, even if it is a little grainy. But good luck keeping the icing even semi-firm in a warm climate!

Overall, these little cakes are tasty and satisfying. They aren't "light" but they are yummy. But if you want to make a delicious, gingery cake, I suggest making the Fresh Ginger Cake instead! I personally need to remake it so I can remember exactly why it made my taste buds sing.

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