Tuesday, 13 July 2010

His results - Striped Icebox Cookies

This was a super simple recipe. We managed to make it a little more complicated for ourselves but it was still really easy.

I used dried sour cherries and some preserves which were labelled 'red cherry' but I'm pretty sure were exactly right. This stuff was pretty tasty!

A little sheet production line. Here was where we made a little error. I thought it seemed like a huge waste of paper so instead of having paper on each side of a dough sheet I just stacked them up alternating paper and dough. It worked kind of OK but made getting the dough off pretty tricky. It's much easier if you use two sheets of paper so you can peel them off. It's hard to keep it straight enough to avoid cracking the sheets (they're a little brittle after chilling) and separate the layers.

The filling ended up pretty sticky and thick so it was a bit awkward to spread. It's easier to dot it about over the surface than try to spread it from one lump in the centre

All layered up and ready for an hour in the freezer! It was fun doing the layering and trimming. The offcuts tasted exceptional too!

They looked really cool like this. Unfortunately they spread quite a bit and didn't look quite as great when they came out. For the second batch I decided to make them half as long hoping they'd be more squarish.

That turned out pretty good I think. These are very, very tasty things. They taste of pure decadence really. They're apparently almost pure sugar and fat and they taste it. That's not a bad thing even in the tiniest way! I liked the texture the cornmeal gave them too. I'd definately recommend them. I put in a bit of extra salt when I made mine and it made them exceptionally delicious. I'd advice you to do the same if you try them. Which you definately should!

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