Tuesday, 6 July 2010

His results - Eclairs

It turned out that the weekend we were due to make these was crazily busy for me so we had to postpone it. They were worth waiting for though!

There were a fair few steps to making these and I think She was a little worried it'd be too complicated. It's not though. Every step was nice and simple. You just need a bit of time and plenty of bowls to make dirty!

The pastry cream was truly delicious!

Make sure to put the pastry shells far enough apart on the sheets. as they were here they were just barely touching each other when the emerged from the oven.


It was pleasing to play about with the pastry bag piping out the shells and then filling them. I really enjoyed putting these together. It was a good day for sampling as you went along too!

These were really, really delicious delights. The cream was superb and the shells beatifully light. For me personally the chocolate was a little too intense. I'd probably actually have enjoyed them a little more without it I think. The topping was just so rich it kind of masked the rest.

That's just nit-picking though really. These really were yummy. People I gave some too were really impressed. I think they look a lot fancier and more complicated than they are. Why not impress your friends and family too!

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