Friday, 16 July 2010

Her Results - Striped Icebox Cookies

Calling all cherry lovers!

I didn't eat all three dozen, but I could have.

I enjoyed making these. There were more steps than I prefer, but it gave us more time to chat, and that's half the point of this project!

First we made the sour cherry mixture. The recipe called for sour cherry preserves or something of that sort, and I found sour cherry "spread" in the jam area at Whole Foods. It was a good pick.

Before heating:

After heating:

Then we made the dough, which was nothing out of the ordinary, apart from the addition of the corn meal. It was a very thick dough that easily formed a ball and did not stick to the bowl.

I used my scale to weigh and divide it into four equal parts. Rolling it out was easier than I'd imagined it would be. After freezing it was somehow simultaneously brittle and sticky, and was an all-around drag. Luckily my few moments of duress passed quickly.

Spreading the cherry mixture onto the slabs was not easy. The dough got soft very quickly, and the fruit mixture was thick and hard to spread. It went best if I dabbed it onto the dough in small clumps before trying to spread it.

Stacking and trimming it was fun. So was slicking it!

I used the scraps to make balls.

And I laid my sliced cookies out in tidy rows.

They turned out as good as I could have hoped.

It didn't take me long to scarf down quite a few. The sour cherry filling works really well in these. You get some in every bite, but it doesn't try to steal the show. And the cookies are really nice and chewy. So tasty!

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