Monday, 18 January 2010

His results - Mexican chocolate crackle cookies

Since I like a bit of heat and think the combination of chilli and dark chocolate is delicious I added more chilli powder than the recipe called for (probably half a tsp). The cookies turned out to be really tasty with a pretty hearty kick. My oven's a little strange and they took a few minutes longer than the recipe called for but I luckily managed to catch them at just the right moment. After they cooled the surface is not only beautifully crackled but slightly crisp, contrasting really well with the very soft, slightly spongy and chewy interior.

As you chew and swallow the flavour develops pretty interestingly. A sweet start goes into a fairly hot and strong chilli flavour that tickles the back of the throat a little. The rich chocolate then comes through leaving you with a slight tingle at the back of your mouth and a great chocolate taste. I'm a fan of these!

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