Saturday, 14 January 2012

His Results - Mantecados

I made these in this nice new bowl my Auntie got me for my birthday. I've had it a while and used it quite a lot but I don't think I've shown it off before. It has "Let them eat cake" around the side and is a particularly fetching shade of red. I love using big porcelain bowls for baking. Better than plastic or steel for sure.
The dough was slightly different to make than a lot of biscuit mixes but very simple. It came together pretty quickly. For me at least. She is a lot slower than I am. While she was catching up I cooked up a batch of Tuscan white bean soup and made my packed lunch for the next day.

Then they went into the oven and came out looking rather lovely.

I thought these were yummy. Using shortening obviously means they have a great light, crumbly texture. I wish I'd bumped up the anise flavour a little more. The lemon was spot on though. They're very nice!

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