Saturday, 22 October 2011

His Results - Green Apple Cakes

A colleague of mine has an apple tree or two in his garden. He brought some of the bounty in to work for me last year and did so again last week.

I enjoy the challenge of trying to keep the apple peel in one piece when I peel them by hand with a knife. I did pretty well with this lot.

It was dead easy to make this cake. In the recipe it said to put it in a buttered pyrex dish. I'd suggest you line it with baking paper though since mine stuck a little.

This was honestly one of my favourite cakes I've made as part of his little project. It was the texture and moistness that really pushed it over the edge into being extraordinary. The flavour was great too but the super moist, sticky, light texture was knock out. I think I probably put in a lot more apple than the recipe writer intended. I also left it in reasonably big chunks, perhaps a centimeter cubed. That will have helped with the ridiculously fine texture. Try this cake gentle reader!

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