Monday, 20 February 2012

Her Results - Potato Chip Cookies

I just savored my last bite of my final potato chip cookie and it was a little bittersweet - not flavor-wise but experience-wise. They were pretty darn good and it was sad to finish the last one.

Ultimately, these cookies are simply good, interesting shortbread cookies. Sure they have 1/2 cup (42g) potato chips but it's the other ingredients including the 1/2 cup (62g) toasted pecans that you sense when you're eating them. The potato chips the secret ingredient, not the star of the show.

The finished product had a nice crunch, not quite as significant as the crunch of a potato chip but getting on for it! The crunch came from it being a shortbread cookie, from the pecans and from the layer of sugar that coated each cookie's surface surface. It's also noteworthy that the cookies weren't too sweet despite having been rolled in sugar right before baking. In other words, don't skip that step.

Also don't skip the extra salt suggested by the adapted recipe and don't skip the potato chip topping. Even with the extra salt my cookies weren't noticeably savory. The potato chip & flaked sea salt topping provided the only true glimmers of saltiness. It was just right! For comparison eat a Lays chip, which are about 400+% saltier by my unscientific estimation.

Of the 71 recipes we've tried during this experiment, this was one of my colleagues' favorites. I will keep it in my repertoire. Happy baking, everyone.

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