Tuesday, 17 January 2012

Her Results - Sweet Revenge's ''Pure'' Cupcakes & Buttercream

I haven't decided what I think about these cupcakes, but making them was fun. The technique was fairly traditional but a little more laissez-faire than what I’ve come to expect. For example, we added the sugar and the eggs to the fat all at once instead of first creaming the butter and sugar…

I looked high and low at my grocery for Mexican vanilla and never found any. After reading on the Internet that Madagascar vanilla is just as good, I decided to use what I believed I had at home. To my disappointment, I only had some random junky regular store-brand vanilla extract at home. I think that my cupcakes took a hit for lack of quality vanilla extract. That’s sad. Next time…

I loved making the parchment paper cupcake liners, and I’m happy to add that skill to baking toolkit. It was really easy. I’m slow as heck so it took me a while, but I didn’t mind. I like the way the liners look, and I also like how they easily open and create a nice little disposable 5.5” square “plate” for each cupcake. If you are making these for the first time, be very careful to really press the creases of the liners against the walls of the muffin tins. This gives you a “cupcake shaped” cupcake. If you are lazy and don’t press the folds nice and flat, you will end up with cupcakes with very swirly pinwheel-esque edges. Nobody wants that.

My cupcakes turned out a little too spongy. They rose nicely and were fairly light and fluffy, but their texture wasn’t quite as delicate as I prefer. This might have been baker error, so when I get some great vanilla extract I’ll need to try baking these again.

Also, I wasn’t very keen on the frosting. It tasted a little generic, perhaps thanks to my subpar vanilla extract. I also think that the vegetable shortening, while helping my frosting hold its shape, left it slightly less tasty than it could have been if it was made with only butter. I used a small St. Honore icing tip. This is the fanciest frosting I have ever done in my life, meaning that I have a looong way to go before I begin my career as a cake decorator.

I feel like I’m being overly harsh on these cupcakes, but the truth is that I have some amazing cupcake joints in my vicinity, and my cupcake standards are VERY high. Unrealistic, probably. Until I can make cupcakes as good as Celebrity and Crave, I’ll never be satisfied.

I paired my cupcakes with New Orlean's own Dixie Brewing Company's Dixie Jazz amber light beer. I liked it pretty well, and I love the label.

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