Saturday, 7 January 2012

Her Results - Oatmeal Raisin Cookies

It doesn't just seem like it's been forever since we baked these oatmeal raisin cookies, it's basically been forever! Sorry for our absence. I had a great time these past few weeks visiting my family in rural Kentucky. It was great to relax and also great to eat my family's yummy food. My Aunt Martha made a mixed berry trifle and some peanut butter balls that were both delicious, my Aunt Becki made more desserts yet, and my Grandma Sue cooked and baked her head off as usual. Ooh, and my Granny Pat made a buttermilk pie! My family is so lucky to have those ladies in our lives. We might be eating pizza rolls and animal crackers if it wasn't for them! Thankfully, I am learning to bake, as evidenced by these oatmeal raisin cookies.

Here's what I can remember from baking these:

1) I didn't use freshly ground nutmeg because I didn't have any on hand. Even though the final product was delicious, I still regret it.

2) Even though it wasn't particularly odd, I was surprised by the method for making the cookies, which involved stirring the oats and raisins into the flour mixture right before stirring the dry mixture into the wet mixture.

3) I was surprised how big these cookies were and how few fit onto a sheet!

4) My cookies took SIGNIFICANTLY less time in the oven, at least five minutes less, than prescribed by the recipe.

5) I made these cookies under extreme duress. November and December were really tough months at work. I work for the Rice MBA for Professionals program, and my team and I were "repping hard" (an urban colloquialism that basically means busting our tails and doing the right thing!).

6) My cookies were well loved despite the abundance of other delicious sweets that were around because of the holidays. I think this means I need to make these cookies again, this time using fresh nutmeg. I'd like to add some walnuts, too!

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