Sunday, 30 October 2011

Her Results - Ginger Biscuits

My ginger biscuits were alright but not overly delicious. There are several things about this recipe that I didn't fully understand. If you're reading this and you have insight, please leave a comment. First, the recipe says, "Put the butter, sugar and syrup in a pan and bring up to heat melting the butter and allowing the mixture to amalgamate." What does amalgamate mean? I thought maybe the mixture should become homogenous, but on His advice I just waited until the butter was melted and the mixture was hot and wet. This left crunchy crumbs of sugar inside the finished cookies. On another note, I don't understand the effect of mixing the butter and sugar mixture into the dry ingredients and THEN adding the egg. Don't I normally mix the egg into the sugar before the dry stuff goes in? I have no idea anymore... I'm really tired and have gotten too lazy to look it up.
Here are some pictures of the process:

Like a fool I didn't get a pic of the finished product. They were very puffy and domed, thanks to my rounded dough balls. That left them very chewy. If I were to ever remake these I would make them flatter. I probably won't ever remake them, though. There were pretty good but not amazing. I was a little short on ginger, and the other flavors did not pick up the slack.

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