Saturday, 24 September 2011

Her Results - Fluffy Date and Ginger Cake

Over the course of our relationship, I've developed a lot of new habits and tried a lot of new things that I probably would have never even considered doing. One of the new things that I've become keen on thanks to Him is eating dates. Since I've gotten on the kick, I've steadily convinced many of my colleagues, friends and family to try eating a date. But so far, no one has actually liked them. That's sad and it's not right! Too bad I didn't force my cake upon them, too. Perhaps they would have liked it.

Making this cake went quite well with one major exception. After I let my dates rest in hot water, I put them securely into the food processor as prescribed by the recipe, then I pressed the button to turn it on, and BAM!!! sticky brown date water rained down all over my entire kitchen. I still have no idea what happened. If you make this, watch out for that... Cleaning it up was a nightmare. Otherwise, making the cake was a snap. I decided to bake it in my bundt pan, which turned out to be a good idea.

It took precisely 40 minutes for my cake to bake, and it turned out just right. Fluffy and moist and delicious! Personally I thought it was a little light on ginger flavor. I passed this judgement only because if an ingredient is mentioned in the title of a recipeI really expect that flavor to stand out, but I'll admit that I'm probably one of the few who want her cake to have a real zing to it. The cake was really flavorful and delicious as is.

Too bad I didn't get a picture with yogurt and blackberries alongside my cake. That's how I devoured it every morning while it lasted. A delicious breakfast! This cake would be really nice with team or coffee as a morning snack.

One small note: after only a day or so, the powdered sugar atop the cake turned pale brown, ostensibly from soaking up the juices of the cake. That was unattractive, so if you're serving this to guests either serve it soon after baking or wait until you're getting ready to serve it before dusting it with powdered sugar.

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