Wednesday, 24 August 2011

Her results - Swedish Visiting Cake

I was happy to be able to make Swedish Visiting Cake in my cast iron skillet. I love that skillet. I got it from my paternal grandparents' lake house, after my grandpa passed away and my grandma decided to sell the house. The love I have for that pan is probably the only good thing to ever come of the aforementioned situation... But on a cheerier note, the pan did its job very well! I made my batter using a vanilla bean and some vanilla extract, and I sprinkled almonds and sugar over the top. I'm happy I did all those things, because I still thought it was a little bland. This cake is more like a sugar cookie bar than like a cake. I actually can't put my finger on the difference between the two... Regardless, I strongly suggest eating this treat warm; I thought it was significantly more delicious right out of the oven.

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