Saturday, 18 June 2011

Her results - Ooey Gooey Taffy Tart Squares

My stepmom makes a killer pecan pie every Thanksgiving. I'd imagine that if you're from Georgia like she is, knowing how to make one is an obligation. These Ooey Gooey Taffy Tart Squares reminded me a lot of her pecan pie. That's in part because of the delicious pecans in both. But it's also because I over-baked my squares just a little (shocker, I know) and instead of being ooey and gooey, the consistency of the taffy (?) was just like the center of a pecan pie. This turned out to be a delicious mistake. Still, I wonder if I'll ever learn when to take things out of the oven. I swear I keep a close eye on the oven!

I don't have a pastry knife, so I used two knives to cut my butter into my dry ingredients. If I remake this, I'll use my food processor to speed things up a bit. Regardless, the two knives did a good job and the crust was ready in fairly short order.

Mixing up the wet mixture was similarly quick and easy. We were a little shocked by how much butter went into this recipe, but it's no doubt the source of much deliciousness. So far as sugar goes, I used traditional light brown sugar in my bars. It seems to have been a good choice. I enjoyed that my bars were ultra pecan-filled, but I think you could make do with even just half of what this recipe called for and still have a delicious treat.

The recipe said, "Bake for 20-25 minutes until top springs back when lightly touched. It should not feel firm–it’s really important that you don’t overbake, or they won’t be ooey gooey!” I checked my bars at 20 minutes and the top didn't spring back, in fact, it seemed like an ocean of liquid with a thin crust atop. Same at minute 21, 22, 23 and 24. Finally at minute 25 things seemed right and I took the dish out of the oven. I must have misjudged, because my bars were, as stated above, not ooey gooey when cooled and sliced. Thankfully they were not burnt so it wasn't that bad of a casualty.

I found these to be delicious and my co-workers and dad agreed. Dad and I volunteered at the Bonnaroo festival last week. It was fabulous, and snacking on one of these mid-day was a treat in the Tennesee heat.

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