Friday, 3 June 2011

Her results - Jam Crostata

To be honest, I found this dessert pretty odd but appealing nonetheless.

I halved my recipe. I tried really hard to make sure I put in 50% of everything but maybe I went slightly wrong, because my crostata seemed overly oily. And now having seen His dough, I think mine even looks oily. So who knows... Maybe I messed it up. It would be hard to say. I'm shocked I could mess it up because this was one of the simplest recipes we've made. You basically mix the wet & sweet in one bowl and the dry in the other and then combines the two. This is an appealingly simple treat.

I decided to use a mixture of lemon and orange peel in my dough, and plum and apple jam atop. I picked up this jam when we were in Wales recently. It's delicious and fresh tasting!

I thought the lattice in the pictures that accompanied the recipe was a little bland looking, so I decided to use the fat end of a piping tip to stamp out little dots for decoration. It took some extra time, but it was enjoyable, mindless work.

In the end, I don't think the dots looked better than the lattice. My crostata looked like a funky sweet pizza. This pie-shaped corner slice only reinforces the image.

So this recipe is simple, quick, uses basic ingredients and is pretty tasty. What's not to like? Well, it smells sort of weird! I have no idea why, and there's nothing I could compare the smell to... I'll have to try making it again. Regardless of the odd scent, I look forward to eating more.

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