Saturday, 21 May 2011

Her results - Lime-Vanilla Cheesecake

In making lime-vanilla cheesecake, I made my first ever graham cracker crust.  It was as simple as I'd imagined and I learned only one lesson: once the crumbs are pressed flat against the bottom of the pan it's hard to coax them up the sides.  Don't rush into it like I did, and you'll be fine.  That was the only challenge I encountered making this cake.  Otherwise, it was as simple as tossing some ingredients into a bowl, mixing, and putting everything in the oven to bake.   Over the course of our baking and blogging project I've come to love simple desserts such as this one.
My cheesecake tasted strongly of lime (at nearly key lime pie levels) and the teeniest bit of vanilla. As you may have read, his only had a faint flavor of lime. I'm guessing my tropical location helped me source better limes than what was available on the British Isles. He'll have his moment in the sun if we make a strawberry dessert.
The lime-vanilla cheesecake hit the spot. I'm a big fan of creamy desserts.  The smoothest, fluffiest slice was a piece I cut as soon as the cake cooled.  The next day I got overwhelmed by a cheesecake craving that drove me to eat a second slice, and I wasn't able to wait and let it rise to room temperature. It was still delicious, but not as light and fluffy as the first slice. That's unsurprising but worth noting if you're serving this to guests.  Ah, one other thing I wanted to mention:  the lime zest I made with my micro-plane grater was visible in the baked cheesecake, giving it a slightly dirty look.  As such, I felt the need tell my guests, "You can even see flecks of lime zest!  Mmm!" lest they worry about the weird dark flecks throughout.  I'll be honest and admit I'm the type of person who would be really disquieted by unidentifiable dark flecks in my dessert.  But if I know it's lime zest, mmm!    

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