Saturday, 14 May 2011

Her results - Vegan Mexican Chocolate Cake

I have difficulty judging this cake. On one hand, I really dig its fantastic Mexican chocolate flavor. The spice is just right and this recipe is the first I've baked where I've gotten great chocolate flavor from cocoa alone! But on the other hand, I just can't get past the unusual texture.

The texture is really hard to explain. The cake has a nice crumb and it is fluffy enough, but it is also a bit stodgy. This may be par for the course for vegan cakes or it may be this recipe and/or baker error. It probably didn't help that when I first put the cake in the oven, I had it on Preheat. My nose alerted me that something was awry within five minutes and I quickly turned the dial to Bake. Also, I'll admit to once again using a 9" cake pan after being told to use an 8" pan. This, of course, resulted in a thin cake. I have got to find myself a good 8" pan ASAP!

The texture kept this from being one of my favorite cakes, but the flavor is very good. It tasted just the way I conceptualize Mexican chocolate. I made a good choice when I used cayenne for flavor and heat. And finally, the thick glaze atop the cake gave each bite a little something extra and helped detract from the unusual crumb. If I ever invite vegan guests over I may try this recipe again, but I'm shelving it for now.

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