Saturday, 7 May 2011

Her results - Anginetti Cookies

I had no idea what to expect when I chose this recipe for Anginetti Cookies. They didn't sound particularly special, but I was hoping I'd be surprised and discover an easy, quick, tasty treat. Well, they were easy and quick and they definitely weren't bad. But they also definitely weren't what I'd categorize as a tasty treat, either.

So, making the dough... I didn't bring all my ingredients to room temperature, which was poor planning. My butter was at room temperature, but my ice cold milk and eggs caused the butter to harden up immediately, resulting in a mixture that looked like watery cottage cheese. Thankfully adding the dry ingredients resulted in a dough that no one would question.

The recipe said I'd have a "firm sticky dough" and that was pretty accurate. It's already quite warm in Houston, so the dough was probably a bit softer because of that. What I'm trying to say is that the dough was very sticky and hard to work with. But as long as I constantly floured my hands and worked quickly, things were alright though not exactly fun.

The baking and icing processes were unremarkable, and the finished cookies were cute enough but begged for some sprinkles!

The cookies had a consistency that reminded me of an american biscuit. Like Him, I think these would have been better if I had made them smaller. I made 32 instead of 40 as the recipe mentioned, but I might suggest making 48. Also I agree that it would have been better if the glaze had been thicker. The lemon zest in the cookies and lemon juice in the frosting were these cookies' saving grace. They added just enough flavor that I ate a couple before deciding it wasn't worth the calories to eat any more.

I'd be interested in trying another Anginetti recipe is anyone has a great one to suggest. These, however, will not be something I make again.

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