Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Her results - Bog Standard Sponge

I had no idea what "bog standard" meant until I asked. Turns out it means common/normal/usual. Ah, yeah. For years I've known this recipe as His family's go-to cake. Over each holiday break, a tin of these buns (translation: cupcakes) is a fixture on their kitchen counter. I've eaten loads of those little treats. I can see the appeal from a hostess' side, too. Just toss equal weights flour, sugar, butter, and eggs into a bowl, and cream everything together with a dash of vanilla extract. Leave your cupcakes in the oven (no peeking!) for at least 12 minutes or until they begin to smell done, then you can have a look. If the cake springs back when pressed, it's ready.

This cake is rich and delicious and almost impossible to mess up. Toppings are nice but these buns are also fantastic directly out of the oven with no additions.

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