Friday, 11 February 2011

Her results - Brazilian Carrot Cake

Brazilian Carrot Cake turned out to be a simple, tasty and surprising dessert. When I saw the recipe posted here, I didn't immediately think it would be delicious. And even when I was mixing up the dessert, I thought, "Hmm, I wonder what all that carrot is going to taste like in a cake." I don't understand the point of mixing up the batter in a blender and I wonder if this is a Brazilian cultural thing. I think surely any method of blending the batter would work.

For the record, it took me five small carrots (instead of two) to reach the required number of grams. I realize that small is a relative term, and I do live in Texas where it's said that everything is bigger... As I was chopping up the carrots with a knife, bits and pieces were ricocheting around the kitchen so I tossed the carrots into my food processor for quick, fine results. I'd suggest this step - it was only a matter of minutes until my batter was in the pan and into the oven.

The end product was a sweet and fluffy cake that sounds more unusual than it actually is. If it wasn't for the orange flecks that are visible in each slice of cake, I doubt I'd ever guess that this was a cake full of carrots.

With a mild, sweet flavor the cake tasted different from plain yellow cake but in a way that wouldn't give many people pause. The drizzle of chocolate glaze was a nice touch, too. I only wished there was a bit more atop each slice. And I loved the shape my new Classic Nordic Ware Bundt pan gave the cake! Thank you, Food Librarian, for pointing my boyfriend to this pan!

This cake was an easy way to try out the another culture's cuisine. If that aspect of this recipe appeals to you, check out the Japanese Cheesecake that we baked.

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